Friday, 27 November 2009

How to Have a Boy Baby?

Determining gender of baby pre-conception has been something people have been trying since the dawn of time. In the past, the techniques to accomplish choosing a boy or girl child involved a lot of guesswork, some old wives tales, and maybe a tiny bit of science. There were foods to conceive a boy, positions to conceive a girl, exercises to do and elixirs to drink. Right or wrong, these methods were hard to prove effective... or even ineffective. Under normal circumstances you have a 50/50 chance of producing the desired sex anyway, so unless you the same methodology is closely followed and that data is gathered over a longer period of time - there's just no way of knowing which gender selection pregnancy techniques worked best. Until now.

The tips and tricks below will teach you how to have a boy baby. They've been gathered and compiled together using carefully plotted research over a period of many years. With just a few modifications to your diet, exercise, and sexual routine, you can determine gender of baby each time, every time. Here are just some of the techniques you should be using in order to have that son you've always wanted:

* The Shettles Method - One that that's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt: male sperm (y-sperm) travel faster than female sperm (x-sperm). It's also been noted that the x-chromosomed sperm die out faster than the female ones, which live longer and tend to have more endurance. Taking this into account, the shorter the distance that needs to be traveled to reach the egg - the MUCH greater your chances are of having a male child. As the distance gets further, your chances of conceiving a girl are greatly increased.

Where does this all apply in how to have a boy baby? The answer is simple: the closer you have intercourse to your exact ovulation date, the better your chances of having a male child. Try to plan as much sex as possible on or about the date of ovulation (usually 1 day before or after). The Shettles technique recommends having sex as early as 24 hours before ovulation up to and including no more than 12 hours past the predicted time you ovulated in order to greatly increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

* Foods to Conceive a Boy - Bananas! Salty foods, dairy products, and bananas are all said to help gender selection boy efforts. Eating more calories than normal can do it also, and it's been shown that women who are getting a full supply of all necessary nutrients tend to create more male babies. Be sure to be taking the best prenatal vitamins.

* Caffeine - Right before intercourse, the male partner should drink 1 to 2 cups of caffeinated coffee or a similar beverage. This gives a supercharged boost to the already fast x-sperm, increasing chances for a male-favored conception.

* Adjust Your pH Level - Making sure you have the proper pH levels in your reproductive tract is one of the most important ways to choose the sex of baby. An acidic pH will tend to destroy sperm, with the x-sperm dying off more quickly (remember - they're faster but not stronger than y-sperm!). This leaves the unwanted condition of higher levels of y-sperm in a man's semen. So when trying to conceive a baby boy, make certain you're promoting an alkaline environment by not eating a lot of spicy or acidic foods.

* Boxers or Briefs? - If you're looking to create a son instead of a daughter, your best bet is boxer shorts. The further from the body the testicles are allowed to hang, the more regulated the temperature of a man's semen. Keep them in close to the body, as in the case of briefs, and many sperm will die from the higher temperature levels. And since the male sperm die faster than female sperm, this hurts your chances of having a boy.

* Sexual Positioning - Once again, the speed of the individual x and y sperm plays a factor here. The closer the male can deposit semen to the woman's cervix, the better the chances of an x-sperm reaching the egg first. Therefore, choose positions to conceive a boy during intercourse that allow for the deepest possible penetration. It's been suggested that the 'doggie-style' position is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

* Orgasms During Sex - It's been proven that if the female partner accomplishes orgasm during sex, two things happen: one, the contractions help move the sperm upward and into the cervix. Two, the endorphins released into the body during orgasm create a more alkaline environment, which we already know is better for male sperm. When trying for a boy, keep this in mind!

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