Friday, 27 November 2009

Pregnant off precumm?

i cheated on my man twice this month. and now i havent gotten my period. i always get my period at the ending of the month, ussually the 18th-21st. but i havent gotten it yet!!

the first time i cheated on him, we used a condom and that was on Nov. 2nd.

the second time was with out a condom and that had to be around Nov. 15-17. the guy didnt ejaculate inside of me though. he pulled out about one minute before he was about to let go, and came on my butt.

the problem is, that same day i ended up having sex with my boyfriend!!! me and my man have been together for a little more then a year, and for a year now, he has been ejaculating inside of me. all this time we thought his sperm didnt work because he couldnt get me pregnant and he never got anyone else pregnant before either.

the other guy has two kids so obviously his sperm must work pretty well!! so im just wondering is it possible i can be pregnant by the other guy or my man??

i know theres going to be some harsh things that people have to say about this question, but honestly, theres a reason why i did it. i dont shouldnt have to explain it, but he has played me before a few times. i just wanted to get him back so that i wouldnt feel so bad. but now im freakkin confused.

someone help!! let me know what are the rates of precum pregnancy.

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