Monday, 30 November 2009

Snack Foods For Your Baby

There are times when your baby may need some snack foods. Healthy snack foods for baby are great foods to take with you when you're running errands, at a playgroup or when traveling with your baby.

Our Travel with Homemade Baby Food talks about how you might pack homemade baby food when you go on vacation either via air, train or car; and when you will be staying in a hotel or even camping. Snack foods for babies can be made ahead of time and used for all sorts of travel.

What to Pack in Your Snack Pack -

Fruits - My snackpack always included a banana, an apple, a pear in ziplock bags. Bagging is important so that the fruits don't smoosh all over your diaper or hand bag. Try baking some apples and then dice them; they make for good finger foods to travel.
Veggies - Soft cooked veggies make for great travel and take-along foods. Steam up some veggies and freeze in small portions. You can offer your baby these veggies at room temperature or warm them up.
Sippy Cup
Mesh Feeder - Great for babies who cannot handle finger foods well. Peel a banana or other fruit and toss it into the mesh feeder for a quick snack.
Homemade Baby Teething Biscuits or Baby Cereal Cookies
Oatie O's - skip the Gerber Puffs and other foods that have additives including added sugar
Make Ahead Meals for the Snack Pack

Create little meals and freeze them in individual containers. This is particularly helpful if you know you are going to have a busyweek out and about. For example, try chunks of apple, shreds of chicken and cheese mixed with some rice.

Leave the containers to thaw overnight in the fridge and you have a great take-a-long meal.

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