Saturday, 14 November 2009

Three categories of pregnancy signs

Signs of Pregnancy
There are three categories of pregnancy signs: possible, probable, and positive. Here is a chart listing the signs and their category.

Sign Category
No period Possible
Just "feeling" pregnant Possible
Nasuea and Vomiting Possible
Soreness of the Breasts Possible
Enlargement of the Breasts Possible
Increased Urination Possible
Fatigue Possible
Ptyalism (Excessive salivation) Possible
Montgomery's Tubercules Possible
Stretch Marks Possible
Spider Veins Possible
Quickening (Fetal Movement) Possible
Chadwick's Sign (Bluish tinge to the vagina and cervix) Possible
Colostrum from Breasts Possible
Enlarged Abdomen Probable
Positive Pregnancy Test Probable
Change in uterine shape Probable
Softening of the Cervix (Goodell's Sign) Probable
Enlarging Uterus Probable
Braxton Hicks Contractions Probable
Palpation of the Baby Probable
Ballottement Probable
Fetal Heart Tones Positive
Sonography Detection Positive
X-ray Detection Positive

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